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Unlocking Long Term Financial Success

Being a successful sports professional can open the door to incredible opportunities, but it can also bring intricate financial challenges due to the relatively short life span of sports careers.

Our team consists of seasoned financial advisors with a deep understanding of the sports industry. We know the ins and outs of sports contracts, endorsements, and the financial complexities you face. We will help you to navigate the financial world, both during and after your sports career, so you can achieve the long term lifestyle you deserve.

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At this consultation, you have the opportunity to ask questions about any of your finances and plans and see if we can help you.

You could use the meeting to look at any or all of your financial plans, such as;

  • Review your pension arrangements
  • Consider investment and savings strategies
  • Assess your tax position and look at your options
  • Review your insurance and protection covers everything you need
  • Consider your mortgage and property arrangements
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How Can Financial Advice Help?

  • Wealth Management - As a sports professionals your earnings can soar during the height of your career. However, without sound financial management, this newfound wealth can vanish as swiftly as it appeared. Our financial advisors will assist you in crafting sustainable financial plans, ensuring the preservation and growth of your wealth over the long term.
  • Contract Navigation - Sports contracts are intricate, often brimming with legal terminology and concealed clauses. Our sports specialists can decode these agreements, aiding you to negotiate the most advantageous deals, maximise your earnings, and secure your financial future.
  • Tax Efficiency - Tax legislation can be intricate, and as a sports professionals you will no doubt generate income from various sources, including endorsements, bonuses, and international earnings. Our financial advisors can formulate strategies to minimise tax obligations while adhering to the law.
  • Risk Mitigation - Injuries, career transitions, and unforeseen challenges are inherent in an athlete's life. Our financial advisors can assist you in devising contingency plans, securing insurance coverage, and making investments that protect your financial well-being during times of adversity.
  • Long-Term Objectives - As a professional athletes it is important to think about your post-retirement aspirations, such as business ventures, philanthropic pursuits, or second careers. Our financial advisors can then align investments and savings with these goals, ensuring a seamless transition from sports to the next phase of life.
  • Peace of Mind - Managing finances can be time-consuming and stressful, particularly while juggling rigorous training and competition schedules. Relying on a trusted financial advisor allows you to focus on your craft, secure in the knowledge that your financial future is in capable hands.


Take the first step and unlock long term financial success

Join the ranks of sports legends who have trusted us with their financial journey. Our clients not only safeguarded their wealth but also transformed it into lasting legacies, proving that financial wisdom is the ultimate game-changer.

Whether you're a rising star or a seasoned pro, our financial advisors are ready to support your journey, so let's unlock your financial potential together.

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